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Michael James


I have enjoyed most genres of music since I was a kid.  I bought my first guitar at 10 years old, and was introduced to all kinds of music including folk, blues, jazz, and classical.  However, my love of music has been seated in what I call “easy listening Rock and Roll".

Although, I had a history of singing in choirs throughout my middle school and high school years. My professional singing career didn’t begin until my freshman year of college while attending the University of Michigan. During that time, my passion for performing music sky-rocketed, and I was fortunate to find myself performing at local clubs, as well as private parties and corporate affairs.

More recently, during the past few years, I have had the pleasure to perform with Greg Pane, as an accomplished musician and composer known throughout the East Bay. Now, I’m pleased to be a part of the Michael James System along with James Kramer, who is also a very talented musician, who has terrific instincts and the ability to perform a variety of music on his 12 string guitar.

We became acquainted while working as Job Corps instructors on Treasure Island San Francisco Ca.  I knew with James’ musical talent and 12 string guitar playing ability that we would make a great duo.


James Kramer


"On lead guitar and backing vocals is James Kramer who joined the band in 2013. He brings warm atmospherics and textures to the classic rock formulas. His love of classic 60's through 80's sounds and modern tones contemporize the songs without taking away anything from tradition. Fenders, Rickenbackers, and Gibsons are his instruments of choice! If you listen closely you can hear them already"...

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