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Mobile Events, Announcements & Invitations
With Interactive Features
Paper Cards Just Can't Provide
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Celebrate & Share

Lifes Great Moments

With Your

Own App

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Mobile Life Event Apps, Invites & Announcements! 


My Life Event Apps give you the very latest in mobile innovation that takes your plain ol' boring paper announcements and invites and turns them into an interactive Mobile Smartphone Apps with features that are fun, impressive and engaging!


You can display photos, slideshows, videos, alongside all the detailed information regarding your life event. Send autoresponders, greetings, and well wishes automatically to friends and family when your life event app is downloaded.

We also give your friends and family the ability to share your life event app instantly with a push of a button, custom keyword, email, social media links and more!




 #1 Select the type of Mobile Life Event App you want. We will custom design and personalize it to your liking. Have a specialty life event we haven't thought of? No worries we can create and personalize it for you whatever the occasion.

#2 Upon design completion simply send your personalized keyword (we provide you) to everyone you wish to share your life app/ invite with, It's that simple!


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How It Works


The best & easiest way to make your event impression last!


Your Image matters! You get that the quality of your products and innovation is key to edging out your competition. Imagine having all your company information residing on each of your customers phones where they could call you with a single tap or refer you to a friend the same way. You don't have to imagine, you can have it right now! Check out our additional Sample Mobile Business Cards. 



Everything In One Package

All the information of your event is displayed on your app in a easy to view format. Once someone downloads your Mobile Life Events App they will be sent your special greeting/responder automatically.


Your event  will reside and be readily available on their phone 24/7 for the duration you select to view & share with friends and family! Have an update or change? Simply make changes using our dashboard in your account and everyone's app will be updated (even if they had already downloaded day, weeks or month before.) That's just for starters...

Build Your Invite List & Know Who Has Downloaded Your App

A fast and easy way to know who has received and downloaded your life event app. Also great for invitations to know how many guests to expect. Its set up to text or email you a notification every time someone gets your app or invite. 

Add Photo Slideshows & Video

Add your latest cute photos, turn then into a slideshow easily. We'll upload your video to your life event app. 

Single Tap To Contact You

​Friends and family can easily Call, Email, Text you quickly with a single click of a button. No need looking up this information since your Life Event app /invite is saved on their phone. Great for them and for you!

VIP App Management

Don't have the time or the savvy to manage and update your Mobile Life Event app? No worries we can do it all for you. 

Link To Your Social Networks

Your Life Event App or Invite will be set up to use the power of social media, such as Facebook, Linked In, Pintrest, & Twitter to name a few. Link any Social Media account you want to your app and start sharing to the masses! 

Promote, Promote, Promote

Get the word out there about your life event app! You get a custom keyword and shortcode so that only the people you want to see your app can privately download it.  Announce any awesome celebration, life event or occasion.  Send out invite reminders automatically to guests. Sell event tickets. Think about how powerful that is...Send a video, photo slide show, gift card or simple text to say Happy Birthday. This will surely grab their attention!


Life Event Apps & Mobile Invitations That Interactively

Engage Your Friends & Family

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Our Life Event Apps take relationships to the next level. Our team of engineers have worked hard to create an easy to use event & invite system that you can quickly send friends and family event notifications, announcements & invites using the latest in Mobile technology. Send auto text message greeting or responder when someone grabs your invite. Know who RSVP's and who doesn't. Send a group text if plans change. 


Gamify your invite with a quiz, scavenger hunt or questionnaire with some fun facts. Sell event tickets right from your invite. Great for Charity events too! Share on Social Media. We’re ready to walk you through the process, step by step, until your Mobile Invite is everything you want it to be.

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Life Event Apps

Life Event Apps range from $59.99 to $199.99 depending on the genre, features and text credits to promote your App. Each app is clearly priced in our Online Store 

Event Invitations

Event Invitations range from $19.99 to $159.99 depending on the genre, features and how many people you wish to invite. Each invite style is clearly priced in our Online Store 




Linda McGewen-

Arlington Va

I absolutely Love, Love my new baby app! Was able to share the birth of our first son with my husband who's overseas in the military. He said it made him cry. I recommend these apps to all my friends and family.

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