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Mobile Portfolio Apps For

Models / Actors / Entertainers Gym Mobile Business Card
  • Mobilize Your Portfolio
  • Get Noticed Over Your Competition
  • Impress Your Most Critical Clients.
  • Get Your Portfolio Directly In The Hands Of Who's Hiring
  • Know Who's Downloaded Your Portfolio
  • Get Booked Directly From Your App
  • Includes Our Full Self Promotion Package
  • Plus So Much More
With Interactive Features
Traditional Portfolios Just Can't Provide


My Mobile Portfolio Solutions Have Built In Model / Actor Promotional Tools That Get You More Gigs! 

In today’s ever-competitive marketplace, Models, Agencies & Actors must be on the alert for new opportunities 24/7 to maintain a competitive advantage over other top talent in their industry. But to do so successfully, you need the latest cutting edge technology, a stellar promotions strategy and constant access to those allusive bookings while on the go. 


My Model Portfolio solutions tm has just that! The very latest in mobile innovation that takes your plain ol hard copy paper portfolio (some still currently use) and turns it into an interactive digital Mobile Smartphone App, setting you light years ahead of your competitors!


The strategy is simple but extremely effective. Simply by delivering your portfolio directly in the hands (rather, smartphones) of casting directors & booking agents, you stand out from the crowd.  This enables you to get a head start over the competition using the traditional "interview" process.


Moreover, everyone can "Share" your portfolio digitally by sending it to the appropriate department, photographer, or client. With your own mobile portfolio app, your contact information, booking info & entire portfolio resides on their phones. If changes are made to your Portfolio app, everyone who has downloaded your app will automatically get updated! 


Not only will your MPC reside of your clients phone for easy contact retrieval, your MPC will build a client list automatically to promote to at a later time via SMS push marketing suite (included). Each promo can be quickly be viewed and shared with your client's, agent and / or agency. That's just for starters,,, 


  • Never forget important images you need for specific clients again!

  • Know instantly when someone downloads your portfolio & automatically send them a response or greeting. 

  • Add a video introduction, slideshow

  • Link to all your existing services, social media pages, or just about anything you dream up.

  •  Best part is we build & personalize it all to your brand & preferences!


  • *** Our Mobile Portfolio Apps come with an entire Power Promotions Suite including:

  • Text auto responders

  • Automatic client list builder

  • Push notifications

  • Loyalty / VIP club promotions

  • Run photo contests, giveaways, mystery coupons, surveys and more! Sample Card


Build Your Client List Automatically 

A fast and easy way to build your client list via Keyword & Shortcode included with your new Mobile Business Card. Simply by sharing it with your clients via printed material, email, social media or your website you will get the word out to the masses quickly and watch you list of opportunities grow.

Everything In One Package

Once your clients download your Mobile Portfolio Solution, all your contact information, booking info, projects, shoots, promotions, contests, & schedule will always be readily available on your clients phone 24/7! They will have everything they need to make their hiring decision in one place (right on their phone). Easy to view categories of service to photos, videos, greetings and single button tap to contact you three different ways. That's just for starters...

Add Photo Slideshows & Video

 Add Photo Slide Shows, latest video project or commercial, or just about any type of media to your app.  

Single Tap To Contact You

​Clients and casting /  production managers can Call, Email, Text you quickly with a single click of a button. No need looking up your information since your MPC is already on your client's phone. Great for your client, great for you!

VIP / Loyalty Program

With this fan based tool VIP clients can signup to receive special deals, event information, new product releases, and exclusives. Your MPC can be linked with a Mobile Kiosk that collects information about your VIP's so you can promote to them later to keep them coming back again & again.

Link To Your Social Networks

Your mobile portfolio app is set up to use the power of social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pintrest, & Twitter to name a few. Link any Social Media account you want to your MPC and start networking to the masses! 

Promote, Promote, Promote

It's all about promoting yourself 24/7/365! You get a full promotions suite of tools with your MPC. Promote any awesome product like prints, calendar or special event tickets directly on your app. Send out exclusive mobile only deals to everyone who has your MPC. Think about how powerful that is...Send a  video pitch, photo slide show, coupon or simple text to say Happy Birthday, all automatically. This will surely grab their your clients attention!

30 Plus Additional Promo
Features-Built In

Your mobile portfolio card has more power than ever!  The ability to promote you directly to your clients phones in a multitude of ways. See the list here

How It Works

A Mobile Portfolio That Interactively Promotes You! Using A Powerful Suite Of Promotions Tools 

Our Model Portfolio App takes client relationships to the next level. Our team of engineers have worked hard to create an easy to use interactive portfolio with a built-in text marketing system that you can quickly send group auto text message responders, deliver photos & videos on demand, get booked through the app,  auto appointment reminders, contests, surveys & so much more, all included with your Model Portfolio App!


With our VIP/ Loyalty Fan Club your fan base can earn prizes such as gift cards, free-bee's ,event tickets or whatever you choose. All this in less time than it takes to place an order for coffee. We’re ready to walk you through the process, step by step, until your Model Portfolio App is more than a tool. It's a way of life. Mobile SMS Promotions


Your future awaits, get started today! select a package by clicking on a blue button that best fits your needs

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Download a sample directly to your phone.
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The best & easiest way to make your first impression last!


Your Image matters! You get that the quality of your products and innovation is key to edging out your competition. Imagine having all your company information residing on each of your customers phones where they could call you with a single tap or refer you to a friend the same way. You don't have to imagine, you can have it right now! Click the "Get My Mobile App" button now. 






“In 2016 there is a new business economy. An economy where time is short for everyone, competition is keener than ever and clients want the easiest options available… In today's highly competitive climate, any business that wants to expand has to evolve using new innovative and effective marketing strategies and Mobile Business Cards is one of those technologies everyone should have. ”

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