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Google’s Rolls Out BERT Worldwide

Google announced via Twitter that their BERT algorithm is now rolling out worldwide. BERT will enable Google to better understand search queries.

BERT, our new way for Google Search to better understand language, is now rolling out to over 70 languages worldwide. It initially launched in Oct. for US English. You can read more about BERT below & a full list of languages is in this thread…. — Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) December 9, 2019

What is BERT?

BERT is an algorithm that helps Google better understand search queries.

What Languages Does BERT Affect?

GoogleSearchLiaison noted that BERT is rolling out for 72 languages. He didn’t say 72 languages but rather he listed all 72 languages that BERT is affecting.

How Will BERT Affect International SERPs?

Google previously noted that BERT affected 10% of search queries for the English language rollout in the United States. It’s possible that BERT may affect similar amounts of search queries globally.

BERT is meant to improve how Google understands search queries. So if Google understands the query better that means Google is able to direct organic search traffic to the most appropriate web pages.

So if there is any effect on international search it could be that the quality of search traffic should improve.

This is what Google’s October announcement for the English language rollout said about internationalization of BERT:

“We’re also applying BERT to make Search better for people across the world. A powerful characteristic of these systems is that they can take learnings from one language and apply them to others. So we can take models that learn from improvements in English (a language where the vast majority of web content exists) and apply them to other languages. This helps us better return relevant results in the many languages that Search is offered in.”

BERT Affects International Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are affected by BERT. So we may be seeing an increase or improvement in international featured snippets in the languages where featured snippets are available.

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