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Surviving Your 1st Wine Tasting Experience in One Piece.

There are 2 methods to lift the glass, do this as follows:

If you're drinking a chilled wine, don't touch the main bowl of the wine glass, you must hold the glass by the stem.

When you are tasting a room temperature wine hold the wine glass by putting it between your two middle fingers so that the bowl rests on your palm.

Now that you have the glass held easily in your hand, find something white and put the glass at a slight angle against it. Out stretch your glass to arms distance, do not the wine! This is never a great. Varying on your sight you may alter the distance your eye is from the wine.

This is the time where you can study the wine, here you are looking at the clarity of the wine. Wines come in many colours and not the red and white, by studying the clarity you may be able to see that wines can be even black. Many of us should know that the grape determines the colour of a wine, it is always worth dropping this in to discussion to impress wine novices if you are going for the fake method, but be warned you are not going to win many awards for the statement.

Clarity indicates age. The clearer the wine, this means it's a younger wine, if a wine appears to be murky this can indicate a problem with the wine and I suggest you don't consume this. Studying the clarity of the wine does not have any influence on the taste, but any great wine lover will always appreciate the beauty of the wine as well as its taste.

The wines odour and how to smell a wine.

You should still have the glass held in the way we discussed earlier, first you must swirl the wine, rotate your hand gently so that the wine swirls around the glass, be careful not to drip the wine.You should find it very simple to swirl the wine, you wonandrsquo;t have to be wild with the glass, slight movement will achieve what you want.

In order for the wine to be inhaled, the swirling of the wine brings the wine up onto the side of the glass and elevates the aroma of the wine. Put the glass up to the end of your nose, inhale and then take a longer savored inhale. It's a good idea to exhale after those two inhalations or you might find yourself going dizzy.

At the point your are enjoying the odour of the wine that you discussing what you can smell within the wine, remember to be very honest as people will suggest all kinds of herbs and substances governing the smell of the wine.

This part is not about chugging great big gulps and glasses of wine down like no tomorrow, you be slow to make the most the tasting of the wine, plus in any one wine experience you may drink over 15 different wines, so take it easy. Bring your glass to your mouth, open them slightly and take a tiny sip.

Now close you mouth and move the wine round on your tongue for a few seconds before allowing it to go slowly down your throat, be sure to exhale at the same time. This is where you should be able to enjoy more of the wine, you should be brave and tell people what you can taste; dryness and flavours of the wine.

There you go, this is not going to make you an Oz Clark overnight, but it may get you through your first wine tasting experience, if this is feels like your idea of hell, let me tell you that 2 years ago I would have said the same, but once you give it a go you will never see wine in the same way.

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