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One of the most common text message marketing questions we get at Platinum Edge Media is how many text messages should I be sending my customers? While we’ve always assumed that 1-2 text messages per week is the optimal amount of text messages to send customers, we now can back up this assumption with some consumer insight data from BlueHornet’s 2014 Consumer Views of Email Marketing Report.

For the third consecutive year, BlueHornet surveyed over 1,000 consumers across the United States to better understand their behavior and sentiments about not only email marketing, but text message marketing.

The questionnaire for this survey was developed by BlueHornet with assistance from Flagship Research. The survey was administered by Flagship to a national panel of 1,308 consumers between the ages of 18 and 75 distributed evenly between women and men across East, Midwest and Western regions of the United States; 64.5% of whom are employed and 72.3% with a household income over $35,000.

So back to the question of how many text messages should businesses be sending their customers? According to the survey, 89.3% of consumers think that 1-2 text messages per week from a business is the right number of text messages that would keep them engaged with the brand, in addition to keeping them opted-in to the brand’s text messaging campaign. The results from the survey are below.

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