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From abandoned shopping cart to paid shopping cart with SMS remarketing

Marketing departments are making great efforts to lure consumers to their web shop. Beautiful advertisements, attractive discounts and persuasive websites, all tools are put to use. And so, the consumer puts your product in his digital shopping cart. He moves towards the cash register. But then, suddenly: an abandoned shopping cart. How can you make your consumer return to your web shop and finish his purchase with SMS remarketing?

Remarketing of consumers who’ve shown an interest in your product but leave your web shop without making a purchase, is a much discussed subject amongst marketers. There are many ways to reach out to your drop-out customer. For example, through the use of the well known remarketing banners. More and more consumers ignore these banners and since ad blockers are an often used tool to block these banners, this might not be the best tool for reaching large audiences.

Another option is to have your sales team call the consumer with a new offer. But consumers may find this intrusive so this too might not lead to a return to your website. Instead of calling, you could consider sending an email with a sharp offer in order to persuade him to buy your product after all. However, the open and delivery rates of email are significantly lower than those of SMS.

From abandoned shopping cart to conversion

With an open rate of 98%, with most of those messages read within just a few minutes, SMS remarketing is a highly effective way to have abandoned shopping carts move towards the cash register again. In this mobile first era, you can assume consumers to have their mobile phones on them at all times.

This means you will not have to stalk them with remarketing banners for days and days, hoping they will see them. With SMS remarketing, consumers will carry your message with them to read this at their first convenience. And because SMS messages are usually saved, consumers can also respond to your message when it best fits them. With SMS, you can send real-time messages. For example, as soon as a consumer leaves your web shop, you can ask him if something went wrong and how you can assist him. Do not have a response after a few hours? Perhaps an SMS coupon with a discount on his shopping cart may be more convincing?

Setup triggers for SMS remarketing

But then, what is the perfect time to send a message? Of course, you can send out messages endlessly, repeatedly asking your consumer to return to your web shop. But as you can imagine, chances are that the receiver will experience this as spam. Therefore, it is important to set up relevant triggers.This way, you can automate the process as much as possible.

What conditions determine whether a message is sent? Is, for example, the content of his shopping cart conclusive. And if you send a message? What will you write to convince the consumer to return and buy the product? Some examples:

  • Has anybody left behind a full shopping cart and does he return later but without heading to the cash register right away? Help this customer in doubt with the following message: “Are you in doubt? Receive a 10% discount on your shopping cart”.

  • Does the abandoned shopping cart contain a piece of clothing in different sizes or has the size been changed multiple times? “Feel free to try different sizes. You can return the clothes for free.”

  • Does the cart’s value not reach a worth of, for example, €20? Perhaps the added shipment costs are holding your customer back. “With this code, you’ll receive free shipment of your purchase.”

  • Or simply ask what is stopping him from paying. “You’ve left your shopping cart. Did you not find what you were looking for? We are pleased to help you find the perfect product.” If the consumer answers by saying the product is cheaper at one of your competitors, you may send him a code to buy the product for that reduced price.

SMS remarketing shopping cart with text messages

The possibilities of your SMS remarketing campaigns are limitless. Of course, it is most important for remarketing purposes to have your customer log in to your web shop and provide you with his phone number. Make sure all customer data is up to date, so you can send targeted messages in order to increase your conversion rates. Also, you need to investigate the possibilities of your current CRM system to set up triggers. Only if you know when a cart is left behind in your web shop, you’ll know who and when to send a remarketing SMS and lure the consumer back to complete his purchase.

For more information on how a SMS Marketing plan can help your business Click Here

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