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14 Tips on How to Develop Your Brand

If you are wondering if it is possible for a small, family owned company to break into the world market with their product, our answer is - yes. If you have a good idea, willingness to learn and develop in a business sense, and you're ready for everyday challenges that require a lot of persistence, you're on your way to become a successful entrepreneur. The following is a list of tips with helpful links, drawn up on the basis of years of experience in business and online branding.

1. Responsive Website-At the very least your business should have an online presence, a digital footprint in the area of your expertise. Yes, we're talking website, but not your standard 1990's stagnant online brochure. That won't cut it with todays tech savy customers. You need an interactive, responsive site. It's the best way, no matter the screen size your viewed on, big (computer) medium (tablet) or small (mobile phone) allowing your product photos, and content to be formated correctly, optimizing the viewers experience!

2. Mobile SMS text message marketing- This is the future of business promotion and should be at the top of your list and primary way to keep customers informed about your products & services. Besides everyone has their phone with them just about 24/7. What better way to promote your business, then with a mobile SMS or MMS text message resulting in open rates nearly 98% ! With stats like that they're sure to see your promotion! Learn more

3. Email marketing - Place a collection of automated email campaigns that you designed in a way that will increase your sales. Learn more 4. Publish an article about your business in the media - Getting publicity is a great way to reach new customers and help more people discover your product. 5. Start an affiliate program - You can get other people to promote your product for a commission, and you will pay them only if they achieve a sale. Learn More

6. Secure your own company mobile app- Business today has become more mobile then ever. Make sure your customers can find you on any mobile device quickly & easily. Learn More

7. Customized advertising on Facebook - Customized advertising on the social network can be very effective because you know more about the people whom the ad is displayed. Learn more 8. Start a Facebook Store - This feature makes it easy visitors to discover, to know better, and even buy your products on Facebook. Leam More 9. Referral Marketing - Internet not only allows you to reach more people, but also makes it easy sharing of content, which can be easily traced. Learn more 10. Cooperation with bloggers - Ask bloggers to highlight your product or write a review about it. 11. Blog - Blogging is a great way to promote your store. Learn More 12. Instagram - Instagram has more than 400 million active users and its visual focus is perfect for promoting products. Learn More 13. Run Contest - Competitions are an easy and affordable way to get closer to your product a large number of people. Learn More 14. CRM- You can not survive in the market just on the basis of a good products or service. You should be constantly informed about new methods and invest in marketing because it will be invested back several times. A sucessful selling process needs to include the relationship with the buyer and therefore special attention should be paid to their specific needs and great customer support. Every satisfied customer is another way in which the positive image of the brand expands and grows. Keeping track of that information is paramont. Learn More

We're a company committed to helping businesses with mobile solutions to improve sales on a daily basis. As a business owner, using the latest technology to streamline and automate your operation is the best way to stay far ahead of your competition. Look us up at

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