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Why You Should NEVER Throw Your Boarding Pass Away, Not Even After Your Flight. The Reason?

When we fly its mandatory to have a boarding pass to get on the plane. Right before boarding on an airplane we hold onto our boarding passes like our lives rely on upon it. But after we boarded, many, if not all of us, doesn’t care anymore about this ticket. Sometimes we throw it in the plane, other times we left it in the hotel room, or just chuck it. But this careless can get you into so much trouble.

According to “Krebs on Security” there is personal information encrypted on your boarding pass. After someone took a screen shot of the bar code on the ticket, you will be amazed of how much personal information that person can get about you: home address, banking info, email address, phone number.

Watch the video and share it for others to learn about the risks and damage of being careless with their boarding pass!

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