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What You Should Expect in Mobile Technologies in 2017

In an era where people are constantly on their mobile devices, it becomes essentially important to give users an experience of seamless surfing and raise the bar of navigating the mobiles phones to an altogether new level. Almost every errands are in one way or the other attached to mobile phones and tablets and it the smoother, efficient and useful a technology or the service is, the better it is. The beginning of 2017 sees numerous trends that the mobile technology may foray into.

Cloud Based Apps

One of the most important and major advancement is in the development of clod based apps. This gives the developers a better scalability in the developing the application and also provides the users with better security of the data. A major chunk of data is stored on the cloud-based servers that are either hired on monthly basis or purchased and the entire storage of the data is done on the cloud servers. This technology has an upper hand over the advances that the mobile technology sees as minimum or no space of the application data is occupied on the user’s device. In case of a disaster that might occur while developing the application, then the entire system can be recovered from the cloud storage.

With a dire need to make things automated and make human efforts as minimum and as low as possible, in these times, the need of the hour is Internet of Things abbreviated as IoT. IoT is taking very small but firm steps towards its development. A lot of you might be wondering what IoT actually is and how does it work. As its name suggests, it the ability to manage and automate the things around us. Few very good examples are to automate your home, its gadgets and other appliances through remote while you are away from home. The remote control in your hand takes care of the major part of your home while you are away. Another good example is to manage the traffic lights at the crossing. Though this technology is taking baby steps, it has a huge potential to grow in the coming near future.

We’re all addicted to buying our home, fashion apparels and many of the services online, especially when the massive sales hit online. It is evident that the rise of e-Commerce applications selling goods and services cannot be sidelined. Making the user shopping experience as smooth and seamless as possible is something that every firm, who have established their roots in the mobile technology, will try and achieve. Amazon is one such example and yet is achieving new standards in the application development every single day.

How good does it feel when the Google detects, interprets your speech and carries out your orders? Or when Siri in the I-phone does the same thing? This is nothing but Artificial intelligence play a major role in developing the iris and speech detection technology that we all use to our benefits to its maximum potential. The research and advancements in this field is massive and there is ample scope of development if the potential is well tapped for unparalleled success through machine learning.

Coming to the technology that one can wear or popularly known as the wearable devices like the smart watches, other fitness gadgets and the recent scope in the Virtual Reality requires a better integration of the device with the mobile phones and tablets. The applications need to have an interface and a performance that works smoothly with the phones and tablets. Integration of the wearable technology with the mobile phones and tablets assists the users to achieve a smoother navigation through the mobile operating systems.

Internet of Things

With the advent of IoT millions of devices would be connected to each other to achieve better better user experience and with this comes the management of the huge amount of data that would be generated by IoT. A systematic approach to mine the data and devising new visualization techniques and solutions to manage the data is essential and the need of the hour. Mobile technology can surely foray into this newest developing trend and can achieve unparalleled success if the potential is tapped correctly.

Another great advancement that is seen to be splurged lately in the mobile technology is the development of applications that provide location based services. Untapped potential lies in indoor mapping, payments based on locations where for example one can use this service to have an inside look of a restaurant virtually before making a reservation and payment being proceeded based on the location. One such application is Waze where in large technology giants like Google and Apple have pitched in to invest a huge sum on this firm to initiate some major advances. Another trending technology in this space is Beacon, which was initially intended for Apple devices but it is now available in Android devices alike. It enables the user to track the last location, temperature and any dangers that might be present in your surroundings. It senses these dangers well in advance and alerts the users. This is the new future of the mobile applications.

Social Media Apps

Social media Apps 2.0 sees an advent with the gen-next. With Facebook, MySpace, Orkut becoming out-dated and Facebook being essentially popular among the senior citizens; the new age social media I taking over. Young generation today, uses popular apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope and Vine as their next on the go social media app. And there can be unprecedented advancement in the mobile technology that can be made if we continue to march at the same pace as we are right now.

Lastly, making the user interface more interactive, improving the look and feel of the application at the UI/UX level improves the user’s application. Developing a cross-platform application enables the developers to have greater reach to the users and amass greater users for any application. All of these technologies are the new trending technologies which if tapped correctly will reap us benefits that will be beyond our imagination.

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