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YouTube Live now lets you directly stream iPhone apps

Google announced an update to YouTube Live today that adds a couple of new features to the company’s live-streaming service.

The biggest addition is that iOS users will now be able to live stream apps directly from their iPhones and iPads to YouTube Live, allowing you to share your screen with viewers. (That can be something like playing a game or drawing a picture.) Users will also be able to use the front-facing camera and microphone to add commentary or reactions to their streams. The updated screen casting works with any apps that support Apple’s ReplayKit framework, according to Engadget.

Google also announced improved tools for moderating comments on live chats, allowing moderators to more quickly hide inappropriate comments, as well as use an automated system that will flag potentially problematic messages for mods to review and approve separately.

Lastly, the company is adding a new ultra-low latency mode, which Google claims reduces lag down to “just a couple seconds of latency.” This should make it easier for streamers to interact with viewers in real time.

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