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Secret iPhone Codes Will Unlock Hidden Features

We're always looking out for cool little hacks to get the most savings, but what about hacks for the stuff we're buying?

My family recently switched over to iPhones (which we love) and I was looking for a way to block my number when calling when I stumbled upon secret iPhone Codes that can unlock hidden features most don't know about.

In some ways having iPhones has been a lifesaver, but in others having memorized every home phone secret code we are limited with what we can do.

These hacks will teach you to block your caller ID, check how many minutes you have left, check your iPhone bill and much more.

By using these secret iphone codes below you'll be able to use your iPhone in an entirely new way. Now you'll be able to teach people these little hacks so they can know them too!

How to use these secret iPhone codes: To use these codes simply go to your keypad in the Phone app and tap on keypad. Next input one of the codes and some you'll need to press the call button for, others not.

Block your phone number: *#31# or #31#Phone-number + call

THIS! How the heck don't we all know how to block out phone number on these iPhones? Use the secret code *#31# to block your phone number for all outgoing calls (hint hint pranks).

Want to block your phone number for just one phone call? Use code #31#Phone-number + call to hide your number from just that call, awesome!

Get your IMEI number (you need this): *#06# then press call

IMEI number? What the heck is that!? It's a number I always stumble with when asked for and you'll want to know it too.

Whether you're getting your phone repaired, looking for a stolen phone, changing your network this is the number you need. Make sure you memorize this code, the kids will need it for repairs.

Go to the dialer enter the code and you'll get your IMEI number easily.

Get a more precise signal strength: *3001#12345#* then press call

This code opens up a secret "field mode" feature. With this feature instead of seeing black dots for signal strength, you can a precise number. The closer your number is here to 0 the better your signal. If the number shows -115 you don't have great service. To turn this off this secret feature press *3001#12345#* and hit the home button.

I use this little hack when I'm at weddings off the grid, seeing how impaired my signal is and to get an idea of it's getting better or worse.

Decline calls without them knowing: *#21#

There are times you just don't want to answer but don't want to be rude and end their call. This is the code you need.

This code turns on call forwarding and will send your incoming calls to voicemail without making you feel bad for doing so.

Just use code *#21# to activate this feature, and use the same code to turn it off and get calls again.

Turn on/off call waiting (notified another call is coming in): *43#

I'm always turning this feature on and off because I work on my phone and hate getting the beeps that says someone is calling me.

When you get a bunch of calls while in a call, it messes the convo up big time. To prevent this, enter code *43# and hit call to activate this feature or if you don't want to be bothered press it again to deactivate it.

Check your minutes: *646#

Type this code in and press the call button and you'll get a text showing how many minutes you have left, really helpful to keep up with.

Check your balance: *225#

Type this in and press call to keep up with your bill balance. I have the kids memorize this so they can keep up with it themselves, no excuses.

If you're using pre-paid you'll need to use code *777#

Get your cell phone plan texted to you: *3282#

Might be handy if you are looking to see if your plan is switched if you got a new one, also great for the kids to keep up with info.

View all missed called: *#62#

Here's a neat little work around to check your missed calls. I'm not sure when you would need this but def good to know.

Improve iPhone voice quality: *3370#

This is a cool little trick that actually works. Dial in this number and press call to get it working and you'll actually have a better voice quality on calls. This slightly reduces battery life but if your on a call for an interview this is worth using.

Find out your iPhone’s SMS number: *#5005*7672#

Need to check what's going on in the SMS center? Enter this code and press the call button to find out what your SMS number is!

Your turn: Give these codes a try and let us know how it goes, do you have an iPhone secret code we didn't list here? Share it and we'll add it to the list!

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