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Is Event Marketing Still Relevant in the Modern World?

With more and more businesses marketing themselves online, are trade shows and other forms of event marketing still relevant? Here are three reasons why event marketing should still be part of your marketing mix this year: 1. Create long-lasting business relationships Making your voice heard is becoming more and more difficult with so many people competing for attention via social media, email and even over the phone. In order to really connect with new customers, face-to-face marketing cannot be beaten – it can help to build up instant trust that will make your customers more loyal to you for years and years. 2. Strengthen Your Brand’s Image Brand image can be created in many ways, but nothing can beat seeing the embodiment of a brand at a trade show or other promotional event. At a show or event, the most important thing is to have a well-designed exhibition stand which can showcase the best aspects of your product or service. This will help you make a big impression on passers-by and could be the difference between a prospect engaging with your organisation or not. 3. Keep up-to-date with Industry Developments A trade show is a useful way to meet other people who work within your industry, helping you to source new suppliers, hear about the latest news on the grapevine and keep an eye on your competitors. Many shows also feature expert speakers who give speeches and seminars on the latest happenings within your sector. It is often worth bringing some extra staff so you can rotate people who can see these speakers and thus inform your staff about your industry, making them better salespeople in the process. There is no doubt that exhibitions and trade shows are a key part of the modern marketing mix. Even with developments online, people still need face-to-face interaction particularly to create trust in their business relations. With event experts predicting more growth in their industry, a trade show, exhibition or other promotional event should still be a key facet of your marketing strategy.

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