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3 Practices for Successful Mobile Marketing

Today, mobile phones have become one of the most widely used means of communication, and therefore, it is a major marketing channel that cannot be ignored. While much has been said about the importance of leveraging smartphones for marketing, there is little documentation yet on what assures success in mobile marketing strategies.

This article explores 3 crucial practices for successful mobile marketing.

Delivering personalized, contextual and interactive content

Content is at the core of much of marketing. However, with the power to switch between different varieties of content with just the tap of a finger, smartphone users have become increasingly discerning when about what kind of content they engage with. Therefore, marketers have to be at the top of their game with what they churn out. Personalization has long been proven as essential in today’s marketing scenario. So, content in any form will have to be crafted carefully as it is likely to be rejected by consumers if it does not appeal to their particular preferences or expectations.

Personalization depends significantly on the varieties of audience or consumer data marketers manage to collect. Delivering personalized messages is not only about the aesthetics, it also encompasses time, location and requirements of the consumer. This is where context comes into play. Marketers need to ensure that the right message is delivered to the right consumer at the right time when they are at the right place. Understanding the routine of a particular prospect is the key to delivering hyper-relevant contextual messages.

For instance, if a smartphone user visits an ecommerce site and clicks on an item without purchasing it, they can be reminded of their viewing history the next time they return. Thankfully, beacon technology has expanded the scope of ‘context’ from digital channels to the physical. Now, location- and time-based prompts and reminders can be sent on the basis of not only digital footprints but also brick-and-mortar visits.

Another promising aspect of content is interactivity. The percentage of consumer engagement has always been found to be higher for interactive content than for non-interactive. Asking simple questions, giving small tasks to complete, and so on, are proven techniques to make mobile phone users interact and thereby engage with the brand.

Implementing mobile marketing automation

With mobile phones gaining primacy in almost all forms of communications, mobile marketing can no longer be considered a secondary task. This highlights the significance of automation for mobile marketing. Without an automated process, marketers can be sure to falter at some point or the other.

The key to effective automation is to use the right tools, and partner with the right technology vendor. The efficacy of digital marketing tools significantly influences the effectiveness of automation. Thankfully, there are many technology companies that cater to various mobile marketing needs. However, this leads to another crucial consideration –budget. Increasing mobile spend has become a necessity, and the earlier organization leaders recognize this, the greater the chances of gaining an advantage over their competitors.

Leveraging mobile ad revenue

As the handiest device, smartphones are increasingly used for watching videos among other activities. Besides, videos drive significantly higher engagement in comparison to any other content. Obviously, companies ignoring video ad revenue and the scope for monetization are losing on a major revenue opportunity. Video has emerged as an especially lucrative opportunity for marketers when coupled with mobile. In fact reports have repeatedly shown that video content not only results in higher content recall, but increase purchase intent and, consequently, revenues.

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