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App Promotion Strategies – Get More people Downloading Your App

We want to share some of our tried and tested, kick-ass app promotion strategies that you can use to market your apps. You’re welcome! When reading through the hot marketing tips below, bear a few things in mind:

1. You need to choose strategies which suit your product and your market (if it’s a market you haven’t worked in before, be sure and do as much research as possible beforehand – become an expert).

2. You need to choose these app promotion strategies that you can guarantee will aid in the achievement of your goals. This means that you can execute the technique properly – you must understand how the technique works. If you want to know more about a technique – if you’re unsure – just ask us.

Stars Mean Downloads – A Major Factor In Promoting Your App

You may not be aware of the science behind why people choose highly rated products rather than take a chance with the unknown but guess what, you don’t really need to! You know that gut feeling you get when you have to make a purchasing decision between something tried and tested (and highly rated) and an unknown product.

If you want your app to get more downloads, you have got to make sure that it is highly rated. Ratings (in the form of stars) are incredibly visible in each app marketplace.

Securing these ratings is a little more difficult. Luckily for you guys, it’s actually pretty simple.

Firstly your app has to work (any bugs that prevent the app from working as advertised is a sure fire way to get bad ratings).

Secondly, unlike bad ratings (people are VERY keen to share their opinion of your app if they don’t like it), good ratings are something people tend to hold back. You absolutely should ask people to rate your app once it’s working as it should.

Icon Design – This is The First Thing A Potential User Will See

Both the app store and Google Play store devote a lot of space to app icons. Often, app icons are the first point of contact between your app – your brand – and customers. If you’re not careful with icon design, your app could be one of the many that are not easily identified – that don’t stand out. Make sure your app icon is well designed and stands out.

Categorisation – Choose The Right Category To List Your App

Make it easy for users to find your app. Choose a category where your app belongs. Users will be browsing categories which they think contain the apps they need.

Include Screenshots – The Visuals Are Key To Encouraging App Installs

People are incredibly visual. They are easily attracted to amazing graphics. Make use of this to sell your app.

Use Keywords Wisely – What Would You Search For To Find Your App In The Stores? This means learning how keywords are used in each store. For example, in the Apple app store, you have to sparingly use your keywords. Apple happens to include the title as a keyword. Therefore you should make sure not to use it twice. If you have used it in the title, do not include it in the allowed keyword list. On that note:

Use Keywords in Your App Name – For Example: Steves Golf – Golf Swing Companion. When you use your app’s name as a keyword, you make it easier for people to find it and find out about it. Very simple.

Use Social Networks – A Great Way To Bring Awareness To Your App

Some are better than others (in terms of marketing and securing sales) but you need to be on all of them. Set up accounts on each prominent social media network and make sure that these accounts are all active and sharing content.

Tease Your Upcoming App – Get People Excited

Plan a pre-launch campaign for your app. Inform people (and search engines) that you have an amazing app that is going to be launched soon.

Share Tips – Giving Away Free Information Is A Great App Promotion Strategy

People love tips. If you got one to share on your Facebook fan-page or any other social network or forum, do so and earn their appreciation. This helps build trust with your reader which will ultimately lead to more downloads when you post your app link or when you launch.

Serialisation – Make Multiple Mobile Apps Around Your Niche

Ultimately, one app isn’t enough. You’ll want to release several apps. Eventually you’ll probably have a near simultaneous launch of two or more apps.

Each app should link to every other app (unless it’s a completely different audience/niche). It’s a very simple but effective method of letting your audience explore the interconnected web of your brand.

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