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Customers Can Now Two-Way Text to Your Toll Free Number

We are excited to announce that you can now enable your Toll-Free phone number in the United States & Canada with Platinum Edge Media two-way SMS text messaging just like the big boys and mega companies at a fraction of the price they pay. That’s any Toll Free Number (800, 888, 866, 855, 844 etc).

Short codes are still awesome for specific text promo campaigns but you can now get even more reach by allowing your Toll free number to send and receive text messages, run promotions, loyalty programs and more! Customers can call or text you on the same number!

You also get more text characters than the standard 160 (USA) 132 (Canada). A whopping 250 characters and….this is a big one…..all keywords are available (since it's your own number!)

As of today, Toll-Free SMS phone numbers will be available to new and existing Platinum Edge Media customers. If you already have your own Toll Free number great! If not we can assist you with one. And if you sign up before September 30, 2017, you will receive our reduced rate on setup of our platform with 30+ SMS features. (800-572-9234)

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